Advocacy - Rules Changes

VII. Legislative Action Items
Advocacy Chair: Matt Davis
Allowing triple entries in class D in districts.
Removing preliminary points at districts.
The primary concern with letting a kid triple enter would be that teams would be smaller and less kids would participate in the event.
Ardys Dunsmoor sees both sides of this issue. She values having each student earn points to help the team even in preliminaries.
Jeanne Gentry shared that she would like the preliminary points to stay as they are so each kid has the opportunity to contribute.
Matt Heimes wanted people to consider what the team sweepstakes award is there. He asked the question, What is the team sweepstakes award there for? To honor the best team or the biggest team?
Cherri Thieman agreed that we shouldn’t have preliminaries at districts. 
Chase King reported that his six kids have no way to win districts because they are a good team, but not a big team. 
Daschil Rohan said that having preliminaries forces coaches to recruit more kids. 
Matt Davis reported that we are voting on whether either of the two proposals should advance
The first legislative item: Should Triple Entry Be Allowed in Class D?
Jeanne Gentry moved that triple entries per person at the district and state level in class D1 and D2 and to send it through the caucuses in class D. 
Brian Gibson seconded
32-1-5. Motion carried.
The second legislative item: Should preliminary points be removed.
Chase Davis wants to know what’s the point. 
Brian Gibson moved to remove preliminary points at the district level in all classes.
Katie Davis seconded.
23-8-3. Motion carried. 
Ardys Dunsmoor moved to amend the previous motion to withdraw the Class D schools from the preliminary points at the district level. Daschil Rohan seconded. 
Ardys coaches individuals and not as a team. 
Katie said that admin wants to know how the team did. 
Jess Schlicktemeier said that no other tournaments operate on preliminary points.
Brian Gibson would like everyone to abstain who is not class D.
Becky Stahr called for a vote.
The amendment failed.
The third legislative item: Should Class A go to 24 teams with three districts and two to state in each district.
Jess Schlichtemeier moved that Class A to go to 24 teams with three districts and two to state in each district. 
Rachel Fox seconded.
Matt Heimes reported that it would bring Class A to the same number of competitors as all other districts. Matt said the NSAA supports this motion.
This motion will also force six smaller A schools down to Class B.
Matt Eledge stated that it will encourage more schools to participate because of more chances of success.
Matt Heimes looked at the numbers and the six schools who would be removed from class A would even out the lower classes.
Jeanne Gentry questioned what would happen in lower classes. 
Tommy Bender said if it gets to that point we can revote on it.
Matt Eledge said we want to get more kids involved in this competition.
Janet Rose reminded that this is to have equal representation at state in class A.
Voting was 27-1-5
Motion carries.
The fourth legislative item: Should the current Class A serpentine system seeding for districts trickle down to all other classes in speech and play production?
Matt Heimes said that the consensus yesterday that this would be a caucus issue. He recommended we survey administrators to gain their feedback. 
Daschil Rohan moved to survey administrators and coaches this year. Cherri Thieman seconded. Motion carried 30-0-2. 
Cherri Thieman made a motion to send class B into the caucus for a serpentine district seeding vote. Brian Gibson seconded.
Becky called for a vote.
22-0-11. Motion carries.

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