John Thurber Distinguished Teacher

This award is given to persons who have been teaching for longer than seven years at the elementary, secondary, or university level. The honor is designed to recognize individuals who have displayed exceptional teaching ability, innovation in teaching methods, and contributions to the growth and professionalism of organizations in speech communications and/or publications.

Congratulations, Peggy Belt, Norfolk 2019 Award Recipient

2018 Brenda Broeker, Lincoln North Star

2017 Jeanne Gentry, Hyannis

2016 Jeffrey Horner, Minden

2015 Jarod Ockander, David City

2014 Toni Heimes, Lincoln Southwest High School

2013 Tommy Bender, Lincoln Southeast School

2012 Matt Heimes, Lincoln Southwest High School

2010 Shirley Cawiezel, Morril

2009 Kelly Millington, Norris

2008 Kevin Brown, Loup County

2007 Peg Slusarski, Columbus Lakeview

2006 Dan Johnson, Raymond Central

2005 John Foster, Anselmo-Merna

2004 Robyn Baker, Millard South

2003 Rob & Deb Whitt, Wayne State and Kathy Fowler, Wallace

2002 Janet Rose, Kearney

2001 Dave Hastings, Ord High School

2000 Allen Janovec, Norfolk High School

1999 Matt Davis, Lincoln East

1998 Nancy Woeppel, Stanton

1997 Steve Foral, Lincoln High

1996 Skip Altig, North Platte

1995 Dick Cross, Norfolk

1994 Betty Brackhahn, Wymore

1993 Shirley Cawiezel, Morrill

1992 George Lawson, University of Nebraska-Kearney

1991 Dutch Fichthorn, Lincoln East

1990 Maurine Eckloff, Kearney State College

1989 Mary Winn, Gering

1988 Jack Garrison, Kearney State College

1987 Gayleen Flood, Lexington

1986 Mel Shoemaker, North Loup-Scotia

1985 Patsy Koch, Cozad

1985 Connie Madison, North Platte St. Pat's

1984 Diane Fichthorn, Norris

1983 Gerald Oswald, Loup City

1981 Melissa Beall, Lincoln Southeast

1980 Linda Mead, Creighton Prep

1979 Arlis Patterson, Bellevue West

1978 Alice Jaswal, Nebraska Wesleyan

1977 Dale E. Black, Hastings

1975 Louise McDonald, Lincoln Southeast

1974 Maxine Trauemicht, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

1974 John Bjorklund, Kearney

1973 Phil Kaye, Nebraska Wesleyan

1973 Amy Price, Winnebago

1972 John Thurber, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Gerald S. Oswald Outstanding Service

This award is given to persons who have demonstrated truly outstanding dedication to the discipline of speech communication. The award is reserved for those persons retiring, leaving the state, or changing assignments. The award may be presented posthumously.

Congratulations, Linda Crandall, Overton 2019 Award Recipient

2018 Tammy Schindler, Battle Creek

2017 Enid Hansen, Lexington

2016 Janet Rose, Kearney

2015 Jane Teply, Kearney

2014 Linda Clark, Southwest HS

2013 Skip Altig, North Platte

2012 Jan Knispel, Valentine High School

2011 Lee Meyer, Fremont

2010 Jennifer Jerome, Millard West

2007 Laura Spatz, Burwell

2006 Fred Robertson, Fremont

2005 Shirley Huck, Bayard

2004 John Bitunjac, Sutton HS

2003 Dick Cross, Norfolk

2002 Sr. Rosemary Floresch, Omaha Mercy

2001 Mel Shoemaker - Kearney High School &

George Lawson - UNK

2000 Steve Foral - Lincoln High School

2000 Patsy Koch, Cozad

1999 Carol Scott, Lincoln East

1998 Inez Brettman, Humboldt

1997 Diane Finch, Arnold

1996 Debbie Velder, NSAA

1996 Connie Madison, North Platte St. Pat's

1995 Kevin Heineman, Hastings College

1994 Gerald Oswald, Loup City

1993 Eric Kringle, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

1991 John Heineman, Lincoln High

1990 Melissa Beall, University of Northern Iowa

1990 Dr. Jack Kay, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

1989 Phil Kaye, Nebraska Wesleyan

1986 Hugh Beall

Dale E. Black Outstanding Young Teacher of Speech and Theatre

Two awards may be given: one from the elementary/secondary and one from the college/university level. "Young" is defined as having a maximum of seven years (including the present year) of teaching experience (not including student teaching or teaching as a graduate student). The award is given for such traits as enthusiasm for work, scholarly integrity, knowledge of subject matter, innovation, ability to motivate and stimulate students, worthy goals in teaching, and professional promise including such areas as involvement in professional associations, research, and writing. Primary emphasis will be given to the individual's classroom performance. Other areas (e.g. extracurricular activities) will be given secondary consideration.

Congratulations, Cherri Thieman, McCool Junction 2019 Award Recipient

College Award Winners

2018 Nick Herink, Lincoln East

2017 Summer Lukasiewicz, Blue Hill

2016 Matt Eledge, Millard North

2015 Jonathan Anderson, Kearney 

2014 Tyler Thompson, Gering

2013 Becky Stahr, York

2012 Jill Collura, Fremont

2011 Dana Christensen, Omaha Westside

2010 Taryn Retzlaff, Bridgeport

2008 Chris Begeman, Norfolk

2007 Candace Cain, Burwell

2006 Jarod Ockander, David City

2005 Diane Schiefer, Fremont

2004 Russel Crouch, Ansley

2003 Chris Maly, Lincoln High

2002 Gailen Volquardsen, Wolbach

2001 Kara Rada - Mitchell High School

2000 Peggy Belt - Battle Creek High School

1999 Bob Henrichs, Hastings

1998 Clark Kolteman, Seward

1997 Toni Heimes, Wauneta-Palisade

1996 Matt Heimes, South Platte

1995 Dan Senstock, Lincoln East

1994 Lori Wewel, Geneva

1993 Gwen Whipple (Walz), Alliance

1992 Jed Friedrichsen, Millard

1991 Doug Frank, Leyton

1990 Derek Lane, Scottsbluff

1989 Carole Carraher, Gretna

1988 Todd Harrison, Pawnee City

1986 John Heineman, Lincoln High

1985 Ruth Kay, Irving Junior High

1984 Mary Alice Moore (Konz), Leyton

1983 Barb Pickering, Bellevue East

1981 Alex Pritchard, Creighton Prep

1980 Mary Kassmeier, Omaha Marian

1979 Randy McCutcheon, Lincoln East

1978 Cindy Rasmussen, Syracuse

1977 Dan Twarling, Lincoln East

1975 Melissa Beall, Lincoln Southeast

1974 Nan Berghel, Lincoln Pius X

1973 William Robart, Crete

1972 Sandi Hoffman, Beatrice

1971 Linda Freeman, Lincoln East

1970 Sarah Boatman, Lincoln Southeast

1970 John Wanzenreid, University of Nebraska-Omaha

1971 William Crenshaw, Chadron State College

1972 Rich Gartrell, Doane College

1973 Jim Hunter, Nebraska Western College

1974 Vincent DiSalvo, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

1975 William Seiler, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

1977 Ed Hill, Kearney State College

1978 Jim Klumpp, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

1980 Dean Curtis, Kearney State College

1981 Jack Kay, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

1984 Larry Underberg, Kearney State College

1986 Bruce Henderson, Kearney State College

1988 Diane Badzinski, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

1989 Akbar Javidi, Kearney State College

1992 Kevin Heineman, Hastings College

1996 Veronica Duncan, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Outstanding Administrator

This award is granted to school administrators that have shown a great support of and dedication to the Fine Arts, including speech, debate, and theatre in our schools. It may be given to individuals in administrative positions at the elementary, secondary or college/university levels.

Congratulations, Deb Velder, NSAA Lincoln 2019 Award Recipient

2018 Rob Giese, Louisville

2016 Dr. Curtis Cogswell, McCool

2015 Aaron Plas, York

2014 Dennis Dolliver, Norfolk

2011 Kim Carson, Lincoln Southwest High School

2007 Ron Lamberty, Seward

2006 David Gordon, Lexington

2004 Steve Joekel, Millard West

2003 Kirk Begley, Scottsbluff

2002 John Fero, Crete

2001 Pat Friesen - Lincoln High School

2000 Dan Twarling - North Platte High School

1999 Dr. Dick Wollman, Millard South

1998 Leroy Cundall, Bayard

1997 Dr. William Kenagy, Kearney

1996 Bill Gettman, Cozad

1995 Jeff Burkink, Norfolk

1994 Dr. Wayne Bell, Gothenburg

1993 W. C. McGahan, North Platte St. Pat's

1993 Dr. Kevin Riley, Gretna

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